It's a normal day of work at the top secret underground station Gerlache, when a temporal anomaly appears. Mondays, am I right? 

You must traverse deeper into the facility to find the source and neutralize it.


Work with your past self to get through the many levels of the station in this time-loop puzzle game. Your past self will lag behind you in a time loop by 8 turns. Use this to your advantage to navigate the puzzles and traverse deeper into the mysterious facility Gerlache.


  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Confirm text: Z or X
  • Restart Level: Backspace

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Fun but the little delay when moving makes it unnecessarily hard

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Thanks! Could you explain what you mean?

Are you talking about the delay that keeps you from moving twice in a row really fast?

Are you not supposed to be able to hold left/right?  When I hold it takes about a second before the player begins moving

Yeah I originally did that so players wouldn't accidentally move somewhere they didn't want and have to restart the level, but I think that you're right. The controls are a bit clunky, so I just fixed it and re-uploaded a new version.

Would you give it a try and let me know if that feels better? I definitely prefer it.