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i'd love to se new features implemented. Maybe an map editor, along with an solo option to play the map you're editing, as well as an expert option. 

^ This used to have an game spinoff that was one giant map and property editor but since it was multiplayer the spinoff was shut down due to the costs. You can still play the Batallion OFFICIAL series if you have an emulator such as ruffle. Need some light training wheels or just looking for a casual experience? This has you covered with passive hacks, keyhacks, or a hackbar.

I'm sorry if this was something I missed but since I have never played the game I am not sure what all the units do like are some of them supposed to not deal damage?

Hi TwinLeaf Clover !

It's not the simplest of games for sure, though surely worth it once you've got the knack. 

Here's a short written explanation of how to play:

The only unit that can't attack is the APC. It's for carrying infantry and mechs far so they can strategically capture distant bases. 

Some units(the Artillery and Rockets) are ranged. They can only attack at a range. That is explained in the guide.

Good luck and have fun!


Thank you so much for the response I ended up figuring it (most of it) out as I played and oh man I had a blast!! 


Pretty nice game. 10/10. Although I did somehow manage to softlock the game when playing against Conrad once (somehow clogged the road with a tanks standoff and the strip mountains and forest was taken up by a heavy infantry and mech battle. I could have technically played it out, but I figured restarting would be faster)

Also figured out a neat strat: APCs are pretty tanky for a cheap boi and empty can be used to divert AI attention or block off important roads. Very useful if the game stalls out a bit and you need to buy some time. However, building Recon bois or saving up for tanks is usually a better idea unless you know or sure what you're doing.

Thank you for the feedback! You rock! 

Hilarious to hear someone making use of APCs in that way lol

Is there any chance of getting the cartridge/ .png added to the downloads? Would love to play this on a handheld.

Here's the PNG:

It's also available on splore.

The cartridge version is a bit more minimal and lacks the campaign, though it's great for playing against the AI or another player.

I got it working on a clockwork pi pretty satisfactorily :D


Amazing, thank you.


Nice game, I've played it a lot. Campaign needs a map select screen. Only way to restart is to delete save data manually I think.

After a while the AI gets pretty easy so to make up for it in versus mode I sometimes skip 1-3 turns in the beginning of the game.

I like this more than Advance Wars! I like the simplicity.

TYSM! Agreed on the AI. I think it's a wee bit easier than Advance Wars AI.

"I like this more than Advance Wars!"

what a review!


This is incredibly amazing! Feels nostalgic.

Game is great, I only just got into the version but one thing bothers me, I can't capture the enemy's base and factories with anything but the mecs and infantry

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. And yeah, it follows the original advance wars mechanics in that way


Really cool stuff!! Thanks for your awesome work!


Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your support <3

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is there a sequel to this game?

i would love this game more if it has a sequel. :)


The sequel is Advance Wars by Nintendo, lol


You should add an instant finish when opponents can no longer win (like when they have no units and their factories are all covered)

Nah it's more fun to see your hard work and brilliant strategy and positioning pay off as the AI watches helplessly


Never played advance wars before but this makes me want to play it 


Does anyone have strategy tips for beating Storm? I can't seem to get the upper hand and even when I rushed APCs with Mechs, they just got destroyed before they could capture the HQ.


This game seems fun so far, but how do I use my artillery? I'm being overrun by infantry because I don't know how to shoot with them!

Really like the game otherwise just don't know where the instructions for units are?


Congrats on discovering that much out on your own! Here's a short guide:

The game was made for Advance Wars players so it can be a little difficult for noobies at first! 


Thank You!


This is a very fun game, but I found a really game breaking bug that lets you skip all the levels. In campaign mode, if you select "Abandon mission" while it's your enemies turn, you win automatically.

omg haha thank you for reporting this that is SUCH a huge bug. I just might have to fix it.

well after all the progress i made and all the fails i did in glitch's level i just skipped it. it was a big help actually.


I love advance wars and I love this game

TY so much cosmic turd I am glad you loved!


This is terrific - I loved Advance Wars and this captured the feeling really well.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed playing :)


I've never played Advanced Wars but I really enjoyed this game! The art is spectacular and the strategy is engaging. 

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed :)


An 8-bit strategy game?! Well sign me up!


Nicely made game, I love it :)


Super nostalgic and lovely homage!

Thanks Krozo! Glad you enjoyed :)


VERY well done

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing : )