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is there a sequel to this game?

i would love this game more if it has a sequel. :)


You should add an instant finish when opponents can no longer win (like when they have no units and their factories are all covered)


Never played advance wars before but this makes me want to play it 


Does anyone have strategy tips for beating Storm? I can't seem to get the upper hand and even when I rushed APCs with Mechs, they just got destroyed before they could capture the HQ.


This game seems fun so far, but how do I use my artillery? I'm being overrun by infantry because I don't know how to shoot with them!

Really like the game otherwise just don't know where the instructions for units are?

Congrats on discovering that much out on your own! Here's a short guide:

The game was made for Advance Wars players so it can be a little difficult for noobies at first! 

Thank You!


This is a very fun game, but I found a really game breaking bug that lets you skip all the levels. In campaign mode, if you select "Abandon mission" while it's your enemies turn, you win automatically.

omg haha thank you for reporting this that is SUCH a huge bug. I just might have to fix it.

well after all the progress i made and all the fails i did in glitch's level i just skipped it. it was a big help actually.


I love advance wars and I love this game

TY so much cosmic turd I am glad you loved!


This is terrific - I loved Advance Wars and this captured the feeling really well.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed playing :)


I've never played Advanced Wars but I really enjoyed this game! The art is spectacular and the strategy is engaging. 

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed :)


An 8-bit strategy game?! Well sign me up!


Nicely made game, I love it :)


Super nostalgic and lovely homage!

Thanks Krozo! Glad you enjoyed :)


VERY well done

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for playing : )